George Kuchar Project
Live / Impressum

Das ist ein Projekt mit der Musik von George Kuchar. Die Texte stammen vom Berliner Autor Gunnar Kunz (www.gunnarkunz.de).
This is a project with music by George Kuchar and lyrics by Berlin author Gunnar Kunz (www.gunnarkunz.de)
(Texte siehe unten / lyrics see below)

Jörg Sieghart                  Guitar
Werner Dannemann      Guitar Solo (Mama Blues)
Hagen Kälberer             Trumpet
Jürgen Matuschek         Accordion
Gerhard Schaufler         Saxophone
Maria Bostic                   Back Vocal

Live ist George Kuchar Project als Trio unterwegs. Es spielt die instrumentalen, frei improvisierten Versionen von Songs.
Live is George Kuchar Project as a trio on the road. It plays the instrumental, free improvised versions of songs.
Musiker / musicians:
George Kuchar         - piano
Martin Hering          - bass guitar
Aleksander Tarasov - drums

Videos on YouTube:

Single "Down In Rio" mit/with Songs "You're Not Lolita" und/and "Something So Frail". Release: am/on 2.09.2011.

Am 17.12.2012 erschien das Album "Mama Blues" beim digitalen Musikvertrieb Believe Digital (London, GB).
On December 17, 2012 the album „Mama Blues“ was released by digital music distribution Believe Digital (London, GB).

You're Not Lolita * Something So Frail * Lullaby For My Sister * My Band * Make Your Decision * Night Flight * Tender Is The Wind * Lies * Crow And Duck * Mama Blues * Love Is...

Single "This Is Magic" mit/with Songs "This Is Magic" und/and "Little Light". Release: am/on 7.03.2014.

"Down In Rio", "Mama Blues" und "This Is Magic" werden in folgenden Internet Stores vertrieben:
"Down In Rio", "Mama Blues" and "This Is Magic" are in this Internet stores distributed:
Apple Music
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                     You’re Not Lolita

I am twice your age and I feel rather stupid
but there’s no escape when you’re hit by Cupid.
Hey, you are the best that happened to me lately,
I summon up my guts and ask you: Would you date me?

(Chorus) You’re not Lolita – I'm not old,
nothing matters but love so I've been told. Trust me!
I’m only begging for a chance,
I’m not asking for vows in advance.

People shake their heads, they call it midlife crisis,
they’ve got nasty names when they trivialize this.
Even if they’re right, does that make my feelings
less honest? less deep? Those frames are misleading.


Well, I wouldn’t say it’s an easy affair
but please don’t you be too afraid!
Things can be solved as long as love is involved.
Believe me: We can make the grade!


                    Something So Frail

I like to flirt and I’m one for the ladies,
out for the hunt and some fun later maybe.
Then I spotted big eyes and that staggering smile
and I thought: This chick must be mine!

She was the pearl of all girls down in Rio,
conquest was near, my appeal was the key-o,
but whenever she smiled I felt so strange and uptight,
a feeling I used to deride.

(Chorus) How, how can something so frail
How can something so plain
stun my will and my brain?
Wasn’t it all a game?
So how come now my heart’s shattered all the same?

I’m not renowned to be too sentimental,
true love’s a joke and it’s all incidental.
But when she said: “Thanks, goodbye!” I felt this big lump inside.
I honestly don’t know why.

I could buy half the world
but not the smile of this girl.
I’m a big, wealthy man,
yet so poor, yet so bare, yes I am.

(Chorus) How, how can something so sweet
How can something so weak
have control over me?
Wasn’t it just a game?
So how come now my heart’s shattered all the same?

She was the pearl of all girls down in Rio,
with just one smile she demolished my ego.
Now I would do in the end anything, yes my friend,
to see her, to hold her again,
to see her, to hold her again.